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Our company trades under the name MICRO Your IT Partner and has been established since 2009.  We are both of IT professionals with over 5 years experience in building complex IT systems for companies, supporting IT systems and setting up e-commerce businesses and internet start up companies.

With all our experience along side our internet marketing expertise we have created this online business to offer our services to
the public who want an internet start up company but don't know how to go about setting one up.  We offer the complete service from start to finish. Our mission is to deliver affordable web site to our clients, without the price to reflect on the quality. Some people think that low-cost web site means cheap website. Our philosophy is to provide good web site as well as the programming sevices. We consider ourselves for people with very good knowledge and quite experienced in the web site design and programming business. We know that there are several important rules to be followed in order to have a successful business online and we try to follow them at all times. We hope you enjoy our service and be our customers for many years ahead.

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