·To maintain all computers of the entire company.
·To keep an inventory record of all computer hardware currently installed in branches as well in head office.
·To test and to evaluate all incoming hardware before dispatching to branches.
·To keep track of all server services and to insure that server is in its top operating condition.
·To make some upgrades necessary for a specific computer unit.
·To document all services being rendered to a certain unit and to document the solutions and steps taken to restore the unit in its operating conditions.
·To facilitate some hardware training for the incoming technician.
·To formulate a step by step approach of solving a computer hardware problem.
·To anticipate all possible problems that a unit encounter.
·To act jointly with software department for any problems that arises when using such programs, Utilities, and other software related problems.
·Involve in network set up including but not limited to structured cabling, infrastructure maintenance, trouble shooting, server and system installation, server and system configuration.
·Works on overall network connectivity and security.
·Setup and manage VPN technologies.
·Maintain servers, desktops, and laptop anti-virus updates and licenses.
·Participates in testing and inspecting of newly acquired software, hardware and other peripherals.
·Perform back-up and restoration of files and database.
Assist / Supervise personnel in the performance of routine computer system maintenance tasks.